Truman is a marketer and a product enthusiast.

I am passionate about making good products great and getting them in the hands of consumers. 

Finding my North Star

Shooting Star

⭐ Where I want to go...

I want to help build and grow a world-class product that will accomplish one of the following... 

1) better connect people 

2) create unforgettable experiences 

3) help individuals pursue their passions

👶 How it started

Entering college in 2016, I wanted to be an entrepreneur because I loved the idea of building the next big thing. However, as I learned more, I realized that entrepreneurship, minus the glamour and ego, is problem-solving. It turns out I didn't necessarily want to be a founder.


I want to be a problem solver. 

BOSS Pitch

🧭 The journey thus far

Over these last few years, I’ve prioritized gaining experiences in different business functions and working alongside interdisciplinary teams to understand what I love doing and learn how to add value in different environments.

🚀 Ready for the leap

I want to explore a career in Product Management because I am drawn to the challenge on uncovering needs and collaborating cross-functionally to address them.

I believe my experiences have equipped me with the skills necessary to be successful in a product role, which is why I want to make the leap now. 

Yes, that is me literally making a leap. 

Digital Desk


Stuff I've done over the years.

The Last Lecture

Inspired by Randy Pausch, here is my The Last Lecture.