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If you're wondering why I have a website... I wanted a Gmail with no numbers, so I bought a domain. Then I thought to make the most out of my domain, so I made a website. This ended up being an expensive ego stroke, so I hope you get $204/year of value from here.


Well... if you insist for my story


🙌 Optimizing for experiences

Over these last few years, my motto for everything I do - both personally and professionally - is optimizing for new experiences. As I try and learn new things, I am slowly discovering more about myself, what I'm good at, and, more importantly, what I love.

Value Creation 🤝 Value Capture

I've been very fortunate in my career to have been a part of some incredible companies and worked alongside a variety of teams in different roles. I learned great companies are built on top of great products with talented teams to get them into people's hands, which is why I am drawn to the space between value creation and value capture.

I want to help make good products great!

Image by charlesdeluvio

🕺 Great people, great work

No challenge is too daunting for people who want to be there. I learned what I value most in whatever I do is being alongside passionate and kind people who are aligned in a goal. My most fulfilling experiences and rewarding achievements have been working and winning as a team. 

💫 My north star

I am inspired by people who bring new ideas to life that contribute to happiness, experiences, connectivity, expression, freedom, or even just making life a little bit easier. My north star is to someday build something that adds value to our world with some of the great people I meet along this journey.  

Image by Diego PH
Image by Amy Hirschi


Stuff I've done over the years.

Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Passion Projects

Some extracurriculars.

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