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If you're wondering why I have a website... I wanted a Gmail with no numbers, so I bought a domain. Then I thought to make the most out of my domain, so I made a website. This ended up being an expensive ego stroke, so I hope you get $204/year of value.

Ice Breaker


👋 It's me, hi...

My name is Truman (yes... named after the movie). I'm an avid experience seeker who constantly explores new avenues to learn and grow. My philosophy of discovering interests and values through experiences guides both my personal and professional life, enabling me to maximize opportunities.

🤩 Stuff that excites me

I enjoy discussing new ideas, passion projects, and unique experiences.

Let's chat about:

  • Product/business ideas

  • Creative endeavors

  • Goals/bucket list items

  • Travel stories


We can also geek out about:

  • Investing (aka losing money)

  • Mixed martial arts

  • Outdoorsy funsies (skiing, hiking...)

  • Standout movies/TV shows


🫡 What I've been up to

Personally, I'm on a mission to explore as many countries, cities, and natural wonders as possible. Outside of travel, I'm training in Muay Thai and reigniting my creative pursuits in writing and studio art.

Professionally, I'm dedicated to becoming a high-impact product marketer for early-stage/growth companies. Currently, I'm learning Python and prompt engineering to build basic apps. I want to develop technical skills to broaden my product coverage into technical audiences and domains.

💫 My north star 

I'm inspired by creators and entrepreneurs who turn their ideas into reality, pursuing their passions for careers. Like them, I aspire to fully immerse myself in something I'm passionate about that I can, ideally, call mine. I want to build a meaningful product that solves a problem that excites me. I want to create art that resonates with people beyond myself.

Until then, I'll keep refining my crafts and making an impact where I can in my journey.

Shooting Star

Professional Bio


📈 I'm a NYC-based product marketer

As a product enthusiast with a background in marketing and sales, I've learned that achieving business success requires both a great product and stellar GTM. Product marketing excites me because I believe that effectively aligning value creation and value capture can unlock value greater than the sum of its parts.


I'm eager to learn from and contribute to world-class product/GTM teams and make good products great.

🍻 Can I help you?

Currently, I'm a full-time product marketer at Invesco QQQ, but I'm seeking opportunities to leverage my skills and bandwidth to help early/growth-stage products reach their full potential.

Can I help you with your challenges?

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Image by Amy Hirschi


Stuff I've done over the years.

Image by Diego PH


Freelance/contract work that I'm offering.

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