Truman is a marketer and
product enthusiast.

Passionate about making good products great and getting them in the hands of users.

Finding my North Star

Shooting Star

⭐ Where I want to go...

I want to build, enable, and grow world-class products that make people more human. Although my love for good problems triumphs over all else, I am most passionate about the following areas. 

1) Experience commerce

2) Human connectivity

3) Creator economy

👶 How it started

Stories of successful entrepreneurs sparked my love for startups and innovation because I aspire to be like the founders I look up to. However, as I matured, I realized entrepreneurship, minus the ego and glamour, is problem-solving. Turns out I didn't necessarily want to be a founder.


I want to be a problem solver. 

BOSS Pitch

🧭 The journey thus far

Over these last few years, I've prioritized trying and learning new things to figure out what I love. From my experiences, I realized what I value most are:


1) Tackling challenges above my weight class

2) Having ownership in taking projects from 0 to 1

🚀 Ready for the leap

I love collaborating across teams to drive the strategy behind value creation and value capture. Reflecting on how I want to contribute to building world-class products, I know this is what I want to be doing. I am ready for the leap. 

Image by Amy Hirschi


Stuff I've done over the years.

Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Passion Projects

Some extracurriculars.