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Do you need a killer product marketer?

I'm Truman, your Product Marketing Mercenary that "takes care" of marketing, sales, and retention problems.


Have work to be done but not looking to add a full-time player? I can lend a hand (or two!).


Where I've worked...


Competitive Intelligence

Researching your competitors to create battlecards for your sales team, helping them overcome objections and win deals. Additionally, setting up automation that monitors key competitors' websites and notify you of any significant developments.


Understanding the "why" behind your product and its position within the competitive landscape to develop your positioning and GTM messaging.

Product Launches

Coordinating your product launches from end to end based on your GTM strategy and goals or simply augmenting your team on launch activities.




  • Breaking down complexity 

  • Data driven decision-making

  • Googling to figure shit out

  • Making things look pretty

  • Navigating ambiguity

  • Situational leadership



  • B2B SAAS 

  • Consumer Tech 

  • Early/Growth Stage Startups

  • High Complexity Industries 

  • High Complexity Products 

  • Sales Led Organizations


  1. Send me an email via "Get in touch" with your company and a quick summary of what you're looking for. If you want a copy of my resume, please mention that in the email. 

  2. We'll set up a 15 or 30 min call to understand the project scope and expectations.

  3. After our call, I'll write up a proposal with expected hours needed within 1-2 days. 

  4. We can discuss and adjust the proposal to satisfy both parties. 

  5. Once we've agreed on the proposal, we can schedule a call to kick off the project.

Ready to hire a Product Marketing Mercenary?

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